Considerations to keep in mind while applying for a golf handicap card

Considerations to keep in mind while applying for a golf handicap card

A golf handicap Australia is a numerical measurement of a golfer’s ability on a particular course at any given moment. This handicap ensures that participants of differing talents can compete on an equal footing. The lower your handicap, the fewer strokes you’ll need to compete against the course and your peers during each round. Every golfer should work to improve their handicap!

Acceptance rules for handicapping scorecards

Each scorecard must be signed and validated by a person who has witnessed your round and has a current GA handicap. You must check what the government provides all guidelines to check the issuance of the golf handicap. You need to bear in mind a number of considerations before making a decision. A credit card is easy to obtain after all the information are in order. One more thing you must know is that whether you have the card or not, you can also show the issuance number of the same and deliver it to the one who is checking your game. This way, you can enjoy playing without any hassles in the best manner. 

What happens after you have entered all your details?

Your handicap will be altered if you enter and play in golf club open days, invitationals, or other official events (higher or lower). Keeping track of your personal golf handicap Australia is an excellent method to keep yourself motivated to improve your game. To find out how to receive a golf handicap in Australia, call us immediately. Remember, you’ll need the Golf link number we offer you within 24 hours to arrange golf competitions at clubs around Australia. You should receive your official Golf Link card within 14 days.

How much does a golf handicap card cost?

Considerations to keep in mind while applying for a golf handicap

$98 for a year (or $68 for juniors under the age of 18). As part of the Golf Australia affiliation costs, this includes funding the cost of golf insurance. The SGA Golf Club does not prorate handicaps; thus, the player will have a legitimate, active handicap for 12 months from the date of handicap activation.

What is the working mechanism of the golf link?

GOLF Link is the name of Golf Australia’s computerized handicapping network. This unified national handicapping system manages all of Australia’s official golf handicaps. Golf clubs create and run competitions, and the technology transfers competition scores to a central computer for handicap computation. Golf Link receives all of the system’s data from the clubs.


The GOLF Link technology automatically updates (and modifies where required) the handicaps of the players in the tournament after it is closed and processed. This was all about obtaining the gold handicap card with the help of which you can enjoy playing the game to the core. It also helps you to polish your skills and display your best work. If you are also interested in getting the card, you can apply for the same, and it will reach you out in a small period. 

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